Bio: I'm a 50 year old Capricorn, hell bent on hedonism, recently having dealt with the fall out of a full blown mid-life crisis. The last three years were limbo hell, and I have realized a need to recreate myself. I am stronger and wiser for where I have been. I'm a lavender farmer-broker-consultant-farm manager, a garden designer/consultant, and have for the last 18 years self published a garden-farm-homesteader newsletter, the favorite pages of my readers and subscribers are journal excerpts from the Rosalie Ranch. A plot of ground in the Mission Valley that brings me great joy and diverse experiences. The things which bring me the greatest joy; my 14 year old angel/dog Jeddie, any and all time I am at my off grid cabin, the air is so still, so many birds, a familiar great horned owl. And I am shifting into a point of my life I have been waiting for. My next incarnation; writing for a living. I am working on 3 books: Lavender Farming Montana Style, One Gardener's Dirt; confessions of a maintenance gardener, and Rosalie; My Mother's Story. Can't wait to tell you all about it! Stay tuned...

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